Full name

Huguette Pizzic | Character designer & illustrator


Passionate character designer and illustrator, Huguette focuses on the animation and video game industry, working for clients such as Sony Pictures, Universal/Syfy, Nickelodeon, Riot Games, Wanda, Mattel, Amazon Studios, Studio 100/Flying Bark Productions, Parallax, Pearson Publishing....

If you’re not scared of silly monsters, tough cowboys or puckish Chihuahuas, go and have a look at her portfolio!


Illustration and Art Direction

Emile Cohl (Lyon, France)


Direction and 3D Direction

Georges Méliès


Character Design

Stephen Silver



Sony Pictures Universal/Syfy Nickelodeon Wanda Riot Games Amazon Studios Flaunt Productions Axis Animation Mattel Studio100/Flying Bark Productions Pearson Publishing


Character design, Illustration, Concept art